The Orbit of Venus

This is a place-holder page for my philosophical/astrological musings, which I’ve been too busy to get to for now.
Just one comment. You may have wondered about the background pattern of the website’s pages. It is a computer tracing of the movement of Venus over several years, as it looks from the Earth.

This orbital movement of Venus was first worked out by Johannes Kepler, the famous 18th-Century astronomer/astrologer. From the earth, the orbits form a heart shape, or one might see a flower-like mandala. Without going further into it for now, it is beautiful patterns like this which suggest to me that reality is holographic (the whole can always be seen in the part) and synchronistic (space and time form an endlessly interconnected whole). Unpacking what those abstract statements really mean in everyday life, and how they might provide a basis for a philosophical/astrological perspective, is the future purpose of this section. Here is Kepler’s original drawing:

Kepler’s Original Drawing of the Orbits of Venus

The idea is to suggest a holographic synchronistic reality

What occurs at the points when Venus is closest to the earth and what is it doing while it loops around?

…..(stay tuned)