Testimonials – What Others Say About Michael

“Michael Burton’s reading was so descriptive, actually intuitive in his accuracy pinpointing my character, with such gentility, while offering real guidance in a difficult situation where I needed a push of courage to represent my true self.” Jenna B.

“It’s like you give me permission to really bank on messages I give myself but don’t let myself fully embody. . . . some self generating schemes of doubt and cultural pressure have faded away since reading your words…. I am more integrated, which is really what I feel all this is about.” — Noelle N.

“This is so deeply resonant. What a gift. . . . I feel your words will come back to guide me/us many times in the coming months.” — Peter H.

“I have the highest confidence in Michael’s abilities. He comes with genuine concern, amazing accuracy, and a heart to help. I will definitely consult him again.” Sonia W.

“Michael’s understanding of astrology is so vast, yet he generously shares his knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. The response to my question was timely and especially very practical.” Craig M.

“I am sixteen years old, and and had the chance to have my first astrology session with Michael Burton. It was amazing! He had so much wisdom and the information he knew about my personality, interests, and goals was a trip!
He knew about, school, friendships, romance, and even some warnings about how to avoid conflicts. I really learned a lot about myself and why I think the way I do. He encouraged me to talk more. I feel much more optimistic about my future.
He even explained to me why astrology works, and it was easy to understand. This was a cool experience.” Sydney H.

“Michael’s approach to astrology is one of a kind. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. Rather than general personality insights – he has plenty of those if you want them! – what truly helped me was how he got me to talk about my major, very specific and intimate issues, and then made truly useful suggestions about how to approach them, including the best timing about how and when to work things out.” — Annette M.

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