copy fb profile photo   After receiving a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and five years of college teaching, while seeking a cure for migraines I discovered Chinese Medicine .  It not only cured a years-long problem, but shifted me emotionally in a positive way.

     Though I loved teaching and was a popular teacher, I came to realize I’m not a good fit with the hierarchy and politics of academia. Deeply intrigued by acupuncture, I headed off first to England and then to China once it re-opened to foreigners. There I learned acupuncture, Chinese herbalism, qi gong, and began my study of  medical astrology.

     Since 1976, I’ve maintained a successful, joyful, and effective healing practice in Santa Cruz, California. During this period, I also found time for six trips to Asia,  silent meditation retreats as long as three months, and did psycho-therapeutic and communication work with master teachers at Esalen, where I also worked on part-time staff, and many other places.

The following video should do a better job than these few words of introducing me and the healing work we do through this website:


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