Before you write your question, find a quiet, comfortable place.  Relax, breathe naturally; a slight natural smile relaxes not only the face, but the whole body. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in space with no boundaries anywhere.  Here, you know absolutely nothing, and that feels good.  It is a place that has a friendly, generous, open feeling.  Watch your thoughts for a bit, but do not hang on to them, just let everything pass on by.  

Now, gently let your question or issue surface, but do not try to think it through.  Stay with knowing that you know absolutely nothing, stay relaxed in that. Now imagine that a line is drawn through the space just in front of you, at the level of your feet.  Keep relaxing and breathing, and — at just the right moment — step over that line.  You are stepping into the land of knowing.  At the instant you step across the line, notice the very first thought, picture, feeling, sound, whatever – the very first, not anything later – that your attention lands on.  Trust that your inner knowing has, at this instant, given you an answer, even if you have no idea what it means yet.  In this exercise, we are going to trust your natural knowing.

Please include a few words simply describing, not explaining or interpreting, exactly what showed up for you at that exact instant, when you write your question.

Filling in the Form

When you fill in the form below, if you do not know the time exactly, put down the best estimate, and let me know it is an estimate. Make sure to put AM or PM if you can.  I will write back asking you a few questions about important events in your life and be able to accurately estimate your time of birth for you.  If you have no idea, and cannot look at or call and ask somebody else to look at your birth certificate, or there is no birth certificate, put down your best estimate, and then also add the exact place, day and time when you are writing the question.  

There is no charge for my looking over your question, that’s free.  If I feel I can help you, and you want to read my full analysis of your issue,  click the PayPal button in my email reply (you don’t need a PayPal account) to securely remit the $45 USD fee. (Your receipt will be in your email when you remit. Later, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you will receive an immediate refund.) Please put this email address: in your Contacts List so that my response will be sure to arrive in your Primary Email.


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